3 Easy Tall Men Fashion Looks

Being Tall makes us no different than any other guy in the world when it comes to finding what to wear. We just have to be a little more patient and search a little harder.

The hardest part for the Tall population is feeling comfortable in what you wear. We already stand out in stature, so nothing worse than adding ill-fitting clothing to accentuate our presence in a not so positive way.

Confidence for me came with time and understanding who I am, luckily finding a base clothing style doesn't have to take so long.

These are the three style options I have come to base my day to day look. With the simple tweaks of this look, I can go for morning coffee with friends to a business meeting or out for dinner at a nice restaurant in town.

Tall Men Fashion Jeans and Black shirt 1.JPG

Jeans and T-shirt



The entire look is based off wearing jeans, once you find a brand that works for you buy three different pairs. Pick up light denim, darker denim and a black to start.

I am wearing 34 heritage



Find your daily wear T-shirt that can be worn in the gym or to work. Once you find your brand that fits your shoulders/waist/length pick up multiple shirts in these three colours; white, black, grey. Keep one of each colour separate from your daily wear options, for the opportunity to have a proper fitting ( not blown out or shrunken in the dryer ) shirt ready for your evening wear or an important meeting.

I am wearing Jack and Jones

Tall Men Fashion Jeans and Shirt 2.JPG

Jeans and Dress Shirt


Dress Shirt

Don't over complicate this purchase. You will not be bringing this out very often. There is no need to get multiple colours unless your job of lifestyle calls for it. First off find a brand that fits, but if that isn't possible then google your nearest tailor and get the perfect fitting shirt made.

A good quality tailor shouldn't cost much more than a mid-high range of the rack shirt. Keep the style simple and one primary colour that works for your complexion. Light or dark blue is always a safe bet.

I am wearing National Standards

Tall Men Fashion Jeans and Suit Jacket.JPG

Jeans and Suit Jacket


Suit Jacket

Topping off the straightforward but classic look with a suit jacket gives you that confidence to walk into any situation without feeling under-dressed. Remember your height gives you a certain stature already, so that you can get away with a more casual dress look compared to others.

A jacket will be a more costly addition to your wardrobe and worn far less. I would add this purchase last but you for sure have to take it to a tailor to get it to fit correctly. This piece is not something you want to skimp out on, the positive outcome of the look will pay you back dividends in the long run.

I am wearing a Bespoke Jacket