2019 Lincoln Nautilus

I was lucky enough to start this spring off with an unexpected gift from Lincoln Canada. They lent me the 2019 Nautilus for a week to test drive it around the city of Vancouver.

Living in the core of Vancouver I have not found the need for a vehicle in my daily life for some years now. Whenever I do get into one or the need comes up to rent one I cringe while thinking ahead to how uncomfortable my 6’7 frame is going to be — wedged between the steering wheel, centre column and seat


From the second I picked it up to a week later of driving it daily, I did not once think about how cramped I was. My legs had ample room while my shoulders and head never had to angle awkwardly to see correctly out of the windshield.

The ride was smooth and easy to navigate city streets, while the central console had all the gadgets one would want, yet I had no idea what to do with them. I’m hoping to back into one this summer and take it on a road trip to be able to get into all that the Lincoln Nautilus can offer.