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Being a 6'7 man can create some issues in my daily life. But luckily everything can be worked with and adapted if need be. Follow my journeys across the world, adventures in vehicles and just simply enjoying my life to fullest. From travel to food to vehicles and tall men fashion

Following My Dads Footsteps: Driving Vancouver to Calgary

Revelstoke is a beautiful little town just shy of 15,000 residents. However, that number fluctuates in both the summer and winter season. The Columbia River runs beside it allowing for water activities in the summer, while Revelstoke Mountain gets used both for winter sports and summer activities. Mountain biking runs rampant on Mount Revelstoke in the summer but what catches kids and grownups alike is the 1.4km Revelstoke Mountain Coaster.  They say it gets up to 42km an hour and I think they are just playing that number safe, not too scare people! 

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3 Easy Tall Men Fashion Looks

The hardest part for the Tall Men population is feeling comfortable in what you wear. We already stand out in stature, so nothing worse than adding ill-fitting clothing to accentuate our presence in a not so positive way. These are the three style options I have come to base my day to day look. With the simple tweaks of this look, I can go for morning coffee with friends to a business meeting or out for dinner at a nice restaurant in town.

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