Never Alone

Never Alone brings together those of us who are dealing with mental health struggles in life. Creating a community with others who feel they are alone in the world with their troubles. Part of proceeds goes to charity to help those in need.



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Frequently Asked Questions On Mental Health


+Can I recover from a mental illness?

Yes, you can. With hard work and dedication to bettering yourself.

+How Do I Find Help For My Mental Health?

Look up providers in your area. Google " Therapists around me".

+What are non-medicated ways to help treat Mental Health Issues?

  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Journaling
  • Therapy
  • Support Groups

+Do I stop helping myself get better when I finally feel normal again?

No, It is best to keep practicing what you have learnt and keep seeing a professional. It can be easy to fall back into a negative mindset if you all of a sudden stop what got you there.

+Am I weak for letting my Mental health issues take over my life?

No, you are not weak. You are brave for taking the first step forward and recognizing what is happening, so you can overcome it.