Tall Paul / Mr. Vancouver

Choosing a Morning Routine to Beat Depression

The majority of my life I set my alarm to go off 20 minutes before needing to leave my apartment.

Wake up ... check phone ... shower ... scarf some carbs and a protein shake down... leave

It was rushed and hectic, but it was all I knew.

After my fathers passing, I started searching for areas in my life that I could perhaps work on to assist in beating the depression.

Eating better, dedicating myself to the gym and reading every day were the simple ones to come up with, however realising that none of that mattered if I didn't give myself a fighting chance to start my day on the right foot.

And so I started figuring out what my morning routine could be. These steps were added in incrementally and the time slotted for each was only a few minutes to start.

I built up comfort in one and then expanded the time allotted to do it. Once I had a week of 'routine' with the single action, then I would add my next piece.

My 45-minute routine

• Boil water while showering - 10 minutes

• Drink hot lemon water while reading -10 minutes

• Boil water while meditating - 15 minutes

• Drink coffee while finally opening phone and computer - 10 minutes