Making Bulletproof Coffee: Benefits for Mental Health

There is no special elixir nor one magic pill that will help us fight our mental illness and get rid of the storm in our heads that comes and goes as it wishes, leaving us at times in a state of constant unrest.

However, we can piece together simple things to do daily that over time will help calm the waves and allow us to become the captain once again. Once again becoming the masters of our mental state, not allowing our mental disorders to run our lives.


Daily Actions to Help your Mental Health


Choosing what you put in your body is just as important, especially since its one of those things that we can easily throw out the window with just a simple glance at a delicious honey glazed donut. That is why I chose to start my mornings off without the regular milk and sugar cup of joe and went with the Bullet Proof method.

I have been dealing with depression and anxiety for many years now, but it started visibly affecting my daily life after my father passed from cancer. For the first time in my life, I would wake up and text my clients, letting them know I "was ill" and couldn't make it in. Of course, this was untrue, but I couldn't manage to get out of bed and to head out into the real world. My room was the only place I felt safe.

I had watched my father slowly whittle away to a human I could not recognize by the Luie Bodies Disease, a form of Parkinson's. The Parkinsons was not what ended him though, cancer had been growing in his urinary tract for some years, but due to his battle with Parkinson's, the disease had not been recognized before it was too late. Less than a month after noticing the baseball size lump of cancer, my dad had passed away.

Finding my way back to living a semi-normal life ( 13 months later and I still don't feel day to day joy like I once did ) I was able to realize that my mornings were the critical component to each day.

The choices I make between first opening my eyes and until I leave the door and step out into the busy world around me, will give me the strength to win that day, or be crushed by the mental health struggles waiting to lay their full weight against me.

There are a handful of other blogs that help teach you the other morning rituals I have chosen over time that works best for me, but your here to gain some more knowledge on Bullet Proof coffee, so let's dive into it.


* I'm not going to try to get into the science behind this magical blend. I'll leave that up to the founder himself Dave Asprey to indulge you

These are my own experience of what bulletproof coffee does to help me in my day. Please remember that this is not a one shop fix, I add this to an already well planned out morning while also understanding my diet around it.

How to Make A Bulletproof Coffee Infographic

Drinking Bulletproof Coffee Benefits

I have never had a hard time sleeping. When I was a very lazy 25-year-old with no drive in life, I would sometimes pull off two 1-hr long naps in a day and still get a full 8 hrs in at night with no problem. I am grateful that the lazy person is behind me. Unfortunately, he took the ability to nap with him, and I would like that back, please.

The harder days filled with depression hit over a year ago. I have still been sleeping through the nights, yet It is as if my body is going through the stages. I wake up and don't feel the desire to stay in bed all day, but I do not feel rested.

It's like I'm just 'there.' I have charged my batteries enough so that I do not need to complain to anyone about my lack of sleep, but I never feel so rested that I am chomping at the bit to take on another day full of enthusiasm.

So this is where my caffeine fix from a bulletproof coffee is essential. That black gold liquid mixed with fats and oils gives me that kickstart to open my eyes fully and take these first steps into the world with the right mindset.

Caffeine is crucial for me in what I have been able to break down of how my mind works now. Not having this kick start to help me get through my morning process will 100% set me up for failure during the day. And failure means the dark void of anxiety and depression will creep into my day as I lose energy and motivation.

One of the key's to Bullet Proof Coffee is the use of fresh, non-mouldy coffee beans. Now, this is one of the areas that the critiques fight about when talking about when it needed to execute when making a coffee that will scientifically help the body like a Bullet Proof Coffee. The overall coffee can be costly if you buy all the ingredients precisely as Dave says is needed.

The premise is that mouldy beans are rampant in North America due to our lack of regulations form the health regulators. I try to get the freshest beans possible and give back to the local entrepreneurs around me by buying beans from one of my local shops in Gastown, Vancouver, East Van Roasters.

Making Bulletproof Coffee: Benefits for Mental Health

Fatty Acids / Brain Octane Oil / Grass Fed Butter / Saturated Fats

As my time living with depression slowly grew longer and longer, I came to see it more as a tidal pool ebbing and flowing. It didn't have the regularity of the moon affecting the rising water though. It seemed to have a mind of its own, coming here and there for long or short or dismally extended periods.

At first, I thought, it was only by chance that I would have these downward swings. But slowly I could gauge when they would occur here and there. It wasn't consistent, but it was better than being utterly blind to the arising problems.

The first area I noticed that would affect my mental health condition was if I had done any physical activity for the day.

After that came the realization of how much of a better mindset for the day I would have when I completed my full morning routine.

Far longer down the road, I was able to analyze my bodies positive reaction to fats. Unlike carbs that would consistently sit in my gut like a rock and leave my head feeling fuzzy, fats, I seemed to process far more efficiently.

Fats are where the Bulletproof coffee comes into the field of play, ahead of your regular black coffee or coffee with milk and sugar.


Video on how to make a Bulletproof Coffee


It uses MCT oil and either grass-fed ghee or organic unsalted butter ( in a heaping teaspoon when I use it ! ) to feed this cup of brewed coffee the energy it deserves.

I'll let the bulletproof team tell you more about the science behind fatty acids and more.

Weight Loss: Fitness Health Benefits Behind a Cup of Bulletproof Coffee

The bulletproof coffee recipe not only is a powerful stepping stone to start your day in the right mindset, but it also gives you a positive push into your physical health. Starting your morning with all of these fatty acids helps trigger ketosis. Chris at Fast Company can explain ketosis far better than I can.

For me, the most significant physical health benefit is how bulletproof coffee makes me feel full after drinking it. Sometimes it can be used as a breakfast, I choose to do this when I eat a more substantial meal at night, and I can tell my gut is still digesting it. I would not suggest this every day unless you are intermittent fasting and this fits into your 16hr time scheme.


10 Things to Add to Your Bulletproof Coffee

  • Turmeric

  • Ginger

  • Protein Powder

  • Collagen

  • Blueberry Powder

  • High-Quality Chocolate Powder

  • Cocoa Butter

  • Ceylon Cinnamon

  • Vitamin K2

  • Grape Seed Extract


Bulletproof Coffee Energy Level Benefits

The biggest reason why I choose to drink my coffee the Bulletproof way is what happens when you combine all the ingredients and get the outcome of a long lasting delicious coffee vibe without the crash!

Combining all the fats with the quality coffee beans creates a longer lasting 'high' you may call it. That doesn't suddenly drop off a cliff leaving you yawning again.

I remember waking up at 4:30 am when I first started blogging. I would grab my laptop and head to the Starbucks halfway between my apartment and gym. I would grab a large filtered coffee and add a splash of creme and a spoonful of sugar. The coffee would pick me up and get my brain going as I typed away for an hour before I had to show up for my first personal training client at 6 am. Once my second client would arrive I would run to the coffee shop nearby and re-up on my caffeine fix because I was beginning to fade fast. The crash from those morning coffees was monumental.

I still wake-up before my first clients but have traded in my milk and sugar for butter and fats. I may double down on another coffee in the morning, but my second cup of coffee I do not to drink until 11 am which I choose to drink black — no more milk and sugar for me in any of my coffee breaks.

So go ahead and leave your energy crashing milk and sugar in the fridge. Better yet throw that sugar out altogether. Sugar is something we all need less of in our lives because it has zero health benefits for us and just as addictive as hardcore drugs!

Give a Bullet Proof coffee a spin for a month and see how it can positively affect your gut, brain and body!