How I Used CBD to Beat Depression and Anxiety

CBD is the non-psychoactive part of the cannabis plant and has been making the rounds throughout the news and in media about its health benefits. It has had a confusing start with what it can correctly do for someone; those who don't know much about Cannabis can be easily misguided.

First off,


Take a second and remember that because it can save you a lot of confusion.

Like THC, the CBD can be consumed in many different forms...

CBD Isolate Powder


This is the purest form. It comes as a powder, making it quite hard to gauge how much you are taking.



The CBD comes as a liquid form in a dropper bottle, mixed with a carrier oil. The most common oils used as carriers are MCT, hemp seed, avocado, olive, grape seed and palm oils. The dropper allows you to be very specific in how much you desire to take at once. You can use the dropper to add it to your food or drinks but also can be taken sublingually — meaning under the tongue.

CBD Capsules Liquid Gold Products

Oil form coming wrapped up in evenly dosed capsules. This form is the easiest to gauge how much you are taking and also most accessible to take any time of day without anyone glancing sideways at you.



By adding the oil to a vaporizing pen, this allows you to smoke it. This form can enable the flavours to be added to the product so it can have any preferred taste when inhaling.



CBD can also be absorbed when applied to your skin. A mixture of CBD with a pre-existing product that can blend with the CBD and still be used to hydrate the skin. There are three different consistencies for these products.

• Lotions and Creams: Shea Butter, aloe vera and more

• Balms and Salves: Beeswax, essential oils and more

• Oils: Coconut, Vitamins, Minerals and more

Medicated Avocado Oil 1000-mg


Here is the delicious goodness of the 21st century working its magic. You can have your CDB in gummy form, coming in any flavour you can remember from your childhood.



As time goes on and those at the forefront can put their time in finding new ways to consume this product, we will be getting more and more options. Currently, there are few products out there leading the way into the future.

• CBD Water

• CBD Suppositories

• CBD Dabs

• CBD Syrup

• CBD Coffee

• CBD Beard Oil


My journey in the world of Cannabis

I got high every once in a while, growing up in my youth and into my 20's. The idea in my head was to partake with friends as a social tool but mainly to take in the evening while relaxing before bed or working away on my computer. I would smoke flower ( the term for weed now ) from a small pipe and a handful of times I would hit that sweet spot where I was able to accomplish what I had set to do, yet 9/10 times I would find myself feeling anxious and awkward in my skin. The experience wouldn't end there, because when I woke up the next morning, I would find myself in a mental fog, which was not ideal.

When Cannabis became legal in Canada, I first heard about the other component, CBD, and its possible healing benefits with zero effects of feeling high.

I was very interested in trying it because the depression from my fathers passing from cancer was at its worst, and I was looking for anything to help take the pain away. I had added meditation, journaling, cleaner eating, morning routine and many more things that were directed to help my brain function better. And even though I knew these steps were the building blocks to a better future, I was still looking for the edge to make things speed up.

The next step at that time for me. If things didn't start taking a turn for the better was to turn to pharmaceuticals and get my doctor to prescribe me an anti-depressants, I was that low.

Now, I have been taking CBD regularly for eight months now, varying dosage sizes throughout this time. Anywhere from 70kmg to 500mg mainly using the oil and dropper to administer it, occasionally I will indulge in the gummies.

Unfortunately, I cannot say that I have noticed minutes or hours post consumption, that my anxiety or depression lessened after talking any size dose.

However, the use of CBD in my daily life has helped me in other ways, which in effect gave me an uplifting outlook on life, and in return, helped my anxiety and depression decrease. These are two areas that I noticed the most significant improvement.



By adding CBD oil paired with a smaller dose of THC Indica before going to bed, I found my sleep to be far more profound.

I was in a time of unrest mentally and noticed I would sleep, but wake up after 6-8hrs but not feeling rested at all. It was if my body was going through the motions of what was expected of it, yet not shutting down to a level that was needed to be a functioning human. I tried sleeping in, in case it was just an issue of not enough downtime, yet 8-10 hours of sleep had me waking up in the same state.

After I started taking the pair together, I would wake up feeling far more rested from my sleep. The concoction would relax me as I laid in bed reading, and I seemed to fall asleep faster once the lights were turned off. Once waking body and brain would have a noticeable deep sleep feeling. It did not occur every time for me once starting the routine. However, it did happen the very first time trying it. The need to slowly adapt your body to do this is not necessary.

By feeling more rested, I mentally started my day off on a better note and had less anxiety due to this.

If you are not a regular user of Cannabis, please be cautious with your initial dosages of THC. However, you choose to take it. THC is psychoactive, unlike CBD.


Muscle Repair

Physical fitness has been part of my life since I was a child. I am lucky for this because when I get into a low mental space, I use the gym as my one constant I can use daily to check off my list. It is my safe place when I am feeling down.

I know, if nothing else happens that day, I will be proud of my 60 minutes of physical activity which will give me a tiny bit of momentum forward for the next day. No matter what else is happening with me.

The use of CBD during these days took my repair from training mentally and physically to another level. The CBD helped my muscle repair as I slept, the most optimal time for restoration of our muscles and our brain is while we sleep.

With the ability to have me feeling less sore and grow more effectively, I mentally had another boost in the right direction. Being happy in your body and how it looks can be a significant mental boost.


Like everything else in this area of life that we call Mental Health, there is no one single pill to solve all of your problems. But if you dedicate yourself to better many aspects of your life without expecting fast results and keep them up day after day. Then these specific actions and aids that are available for your use can give you a far greater chance of centering yourself pushing your general happiness in the right direction.