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Mental Health/ Wellness

When I lost my father to Cancer, I found myself in a dark place that I wasn't sure I could get out. Focusing my efforts on finding daily actions that would help my mental health long term. Eating cleaner foods was also an area that insured that I did not fall into a low from making my gut digest something that didn’t aid my body in a healthy way. Health and fitness is my cornerstone to keeping headed in the right direction…

A Day in My Life : Keeping Anxiety/Depression at Bay

When it does suddenly appear one day, your world changes. Your life is now being ruled by an unknown object that decides when and where it will show up in our day. Perhaps it greeted you as your eyes open from your sleep and decided to be by your side every minute of your waking day.

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Mental Health Struggles "Where Did The Joy Go?"

I knew so little about depression and anxiety when it first hit me. The lows were the most challenging and unbearable, not being able to complete my daily actions or work for some weeks. I thought at the time; this low was what the full extent of what depression was. I knew I wasn't going to get out of it in a day or even weeks, but once I was able to live life regularly, then everything else would be normal again…Fourteen months later and I have realized that maybe perhaps a new norm is here for me

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How I Used CBD to Beat Depression and Anxiety

I was very interested in trying CBD because the depression from my fathers passing from cancer was at its worst, and I was looking for anything to help take the pain away

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Choosing a Morning Routine to Beat Depression

After my fathers passing, I started searching for areas in my life that I could perhaps work on to assist in beating the depression and bettering my mental health. Eating better, dedicating myself to the gym and reading every day were the simple ones to come up with, however realizing that none of that mattered if I didn't give myself a fighting chance to start my day on the right foot.

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