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Having dealt with his fathers death and the anxiety and depression that followed, Tall Paul has dedicated his time to help others find their way with mental health struggles. Through fitness, diet, eating well and personal growth in many areas. Contributing to the Tall Men Fashion scene also is a passion of Paul’s.

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Tall Paul … just wanting to be real and honest with ya’ll 24/7.

Growing up I was an athlete first and foremost while a student came up far behind. Now I am trying to make up for lost years of growth.

I am working on growing mentally and understanding myself better, fixing my faults while strengthening my attributes.

I lost my father who was battling Louie Body Dementia and finally in the end cancer took his life. I was 33, and it shook me harder than expected, so much that I have been battling mental health struggles ever since.

Putting what I have learnt out in this social world so hopefully, you can take something positive away from it too.






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