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11 Steps To Successfully Start Exercising For Mental Health

Realistically, 92% of all failed fitness plans are given up on due to external reasons outside of the actual workout.

  • Not Allocating Enough Money For Gym Payments ( yet 12 dinners out a month are happily paid for )

  • Days are not pre-planned accordingly ( 'forgetting’ you have a meeting, and missing out on the opportunity for a morning workout you had time to do before work )

  • Unrealistic expectations ( Most people on average lose 1.5% of body fat a month, and that is with optimal focus and eating right )

  • Not changing your eating habits ( Eating right isn't hard if you plan for it by going to the grocery store and kick the fast-food meals )

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21 Upper Body Workouts: Weight Training Exercises Explained

Getting the courage to buy a membership to a gym and mentally commit to a workout routine us hard enough. Having to decide what exercises to do once there is just too much for most people. I want to help you feel more comfortable right away in the gym, so here are 21 upper body workouts with a full explanation on how to do them correctly.

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